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March 2014 New exhibition at the Botanical Garden

Here in Porto Alegre our sixth exhibition!

                                                   March 23, 2014.
A wonderful sunny Sunday.

                                     Exhibition and Educational action.

People loved to crochet and contribute to the project. 

                          Say no to plastic! 

                                               Join us.

                                      Here some pictures.



Our partner: Environmental Social of the State Bank of Rio Grande do Sul.

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                                                                                                         Thursday, February 27, 2014

How Daisy Maciel started SIW Brazil!

ACNA Child Social Forum 2014 'Forinho
Start a project where YOU live

INTERVIEW with Daisy Maciel, our amazing SIW coordinator in Brazil
Over the last two years, Daisy has organized five exhibitions of a growing SIW reef crocheted by interested people in Porto Alegre, where she lives. In January 2014, she presented an exhibition including an educational ‘action’ dedicated to children and adolescents. How does she do it? Let’s ask her…..

Daisy, how did you get the projects started in Porto Alegre?
A little secret:  I did not know how to do crochet! I told Wendy but she was not impressed. So I started and discovered anyone can do it!  After participating in the 2011 Pittsburgh exhibition, Wendy and I exchanged some ideas and I decided to start one where I live.

How did you get people interested ?
I discovered it was fun! Then I contacted different groups: art education    workshops, yoga, stretching. People really like participating in educational activities, especially people who have never crocheted before. Men have much fun too! People love to crochet, so relaxed and cheerful.

What other ways do you use to get the word out?
I started a Portuguese Something in the Water blog discussing the threats of plastic debris in the waste stream. Somewhat that surprises me are the hits to my blog, people from Vietnam, Pakistan, Germany, Russia or Uruguay, many others the whole planet is concerned but we need action (see map of blog viewers around the world!) I have a feeling a feeling of making a small contribution of making a small contribution, almost nothing... but it is what I can do.

Some people have asked how you find locations for exhibitions! Do tell!
I showed the crocheted pieces we were doing to people I thought might be  interested and commented that we were looking for a place to exhibit. For the first exhibition at the Botanical Garden I attended a meeting, made a small contribution and spoke with people there about the idea. From that first event, came an invitation to present the work at the State Bank of Rio Grande do Sul. The more exposure we got, the more opportunities to participate in future events developed. I can say one exhibition ‘prepares’ the next. I think it can be done anywhere: school fairs, craft fairs, outdoor events and galleries. Just use creative networks!  Anyway to expand the conversation and concern about the harm single- use plastic bags are causing in the people, animals and the environment.

     Daisy with Nelly Sefton Burger, 100, loves to help make plarn. 
   In the exhibition photos, I see beautiful posters. Tell us about them.
We have some explanatory banners on pollution in the water that really impress all. I think the importance of more exposures, greater visibility, different places, more people, and new invitations for exhibitions and educational actions can make a difference.
And, they are so much fun to play with!!!!

Never too young!
Who produced and paid for the banners?
When we did the event with the Department of Environmental Partners at the Bank of Rio Grande do Sul State, they designed and produced the banners!

Daisy organized this project her own way, based on her own contacts and enthusiasm.
You can do it too wherever you live.  
Just let me know what you want to do......and go for it!
 Email me, Wendy Osher, at Let's talk!

Wendy's blog:

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   21 a 25 de janeiro de 2014   
                          ACNA   PORTO ALEGRE

Crise Capitalista, Democracia, Justiça Social e Ambiental.

 Dentro do Fórum Social Temático
 ocorre o Fórum Social Infantil, chamado    

                'Forinho' : atividades para
                          crianças e  adolescentes.

  Participamos do evento na

Escola Estadual Rio Grande do Sul,                                            rua Washington Luiz, 980,  Porto Alegre.

 O que é o Fórum Social Temático? 

                    O FSTemático é um evento
                                 alter mundista auto organizado

                                por organizações e movimentos sociais
 ligados ao processo do Fórum Social Mundial.

O Fórum Social se propõe a ser um espaço de debates, articulação, proposição e luta, denunciando todo tipo de exploração e discriminação na defesa de outro mundo possível.

O Grupo Estratégico de Gestão Socioambiental Banrisul participou do Forinho, Programa Reciclar,  com oficinas permanentes de Reaproveitamento de Materiais, Feira de Trocas  e Ação Educacional. 
 Forinho, iniciativa da ONG Cataventus.
            A ação foi um sucesso, chamar a atenção para a poluição do plástico e alternativas urgentes de ação.  

 Um grito por socorro:!261359332?utm_source=owned&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=share-tracking

Também participei ensinando crochet para adolescentes e adultos para nossa escultura coletiva de mamas.

Programa Reciclar,